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In CHI we have a class of 26 students, split up in groups of 3(2), working very hard on their recommending application. They currently should be finished with the evaluation of their paper prototype and should have started on their first digital prototype.

We ask them to blog about their progress allowing them to follow their peers’ progress and give/receive feedback. These are mandatory activities, as important to the course as creating the prototypes and evaluating them. This does not only help them improve their insights into their own work but should also make them aware of the progress of the rest of the class, giving them a good indication on how well their time was spent.

It also helps usĀ (teachers, assistants) get a better overview of their progress and allows us to give feedback outside of class, become more quickly aware of struggling groups and steer them into the right direction before it is too late. This would not be as easily achieved without their online presence.

And since the class is completely open, we also invite you to join in on the conversation. Who knows, your input might be just what one of these groups needs to make the recommender app that will launch them (and if they’re nice enough to include you) into world fame! ;)

So here is the list of blogs:

Team LPG
Team TGV
CHI Movez
Team S-CHI

Apart from constructive feedback and the occasional pushing into the right direction, we believe it is interesting for a student to have a good overview of the patting on the back and tapping on the head of his/her peers. Being aware of everyone’s achievements could help them find their own correct path through the course.

And that is where part of our current research tries to help. Visualising these achievements through gamification of their progress… Stay tuned for more on that!

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