About Me

My name is Sven Charleer. I have a crazy range of interests, from drawing (I spent two years of evening classes at the Art Academy of Berchem), programming (got a Master in Informatics and spent 10 years as a software developer), video games (I’ve been playing games since the 80s, moved to Nottingham for 2 years to work in the industry, and briefly had an indie studio with a few friends), user experience and data visualisation (at the age of 33 I went to pursue a PhD and became a “Doctor” in 2017), music (I played guitar and sang in front of my school twice even though I only started learning guitar a few months before), gardening (recently fell in love with the art of bonsais), sports (with age one starts to think about their health, so yoga, tennis, and swimming all became new hobbies), photography (mostly with the iPhone, but I do have a proper DSLR that gets loved from time to time), to of course the most important things in my life: Elke (my wife) and Hazel (our daughter).

I’ve recently left the world of steady pay, routine, and security to pursue freelancing.


CHI PLAY 2018, Melbourne, Australia

I have a unique blend of skills that enables a quick and thorough delivery process from inception to proof of concept and beyond, thanks to 6 years of academic user experience and data visualisation research for multiple European Commission projects at the Human-Computer Interaction group, KU Leuven, and 10 years of software development experience in traditional business software, video games, and web.

I research and design experiences that are useful, usable, and enjoyable, whether it is a service, an app, or data visualisations. Through a human-centred and rapid prototyping approach, I build and evaluate mock-ups and prototypes ranging from mobile to large interactive displays. The iterative nature of the process helps my clients estimate the viability of a concept in early stages and facilitates involvement in every step of the way.

I have been responsible for the research, design, and development of dashboards, data visualisations, and UIs in areas such Unemployment (helping job seekers explore the job market through data exploration tools), Digital Humanities (creating large interactive dashboards for researchers), Video Games (live video game broadcast visualisations and game UIs), Learning Analytics (student dashboards and collaborative visualisation solutions) and more. I have experience teaching and supervising data visualisation design, UX, video game design and development, AR and VR.

Check out my CV (Linkedin  or PDF), my portfolio  for a selection of my work, and Google Scholar  for my scientific publications, or contact me at svencharleer@gmail.com to learn more.