About Me

My name is Sven Charleer. I have a crazy range of interests, from drawing (I spent two years of evening classes at the Art Academy of Berchem), programming (got a Master in Informatics and spent 10 years as a software developer), video games (worked 2 years abroad in the games industry and am dabbling in gamedev once again), user experience and data visualisation (at the age of 33 I went to pursue a PhD and became a “Doctor” in 2017, then freelanced for 2 years), music (I rediscovered synths recently), gardening (recently fell in love with the art of bonsais and will finally have a garden in 2 years), sports (finally learned how to use that longboard), photography (everyone has an Instagram), to of course the most important things in my life: Elke (my wife) and Hazel (our daughter).

Today I focus on teaching while spending my free time on the numerous projects and hobbies that have been neglected for too long.

CHI PLAY 2018, Melbourne, Australia