As postdoctoral researcher at the Augment Lab at the Computer Science Department, KU Leuven, Belgium, Sven focuses on data visualisation design and user experience for expert and general audiences. His current work focuses on educational (learning analytics), digital humanities and unemployment data. Beyond this, his research interests include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and video games.

In 2003, Sven obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Science at KU Leuven. He spent 10 years in the private sector, working at companies such as NorthgateArinso, Brussels, Belgium and Monumental Games, Nottingham, UK. He started his PhD in 2013 and has contributed to the European FP7 – weSPOT project, the CIP – eCloud project, and the Erasmus+ ABLE project. In 2017 he completed his PhD on “Designing and Evaluating Student-facing Learning Dashboards” and has been involved in the program committees of international conferences, workshops, and doctoral consortiums in the field of Technology-enhanced Learning such as LAK, ECTEL, ARTEL, and Cross-LAK. His teaching responsibilities covered topics such as data visualisation, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Android development. He also advises Master in Engineering Science theses on Second Screen applications, Quantified Self, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and video game visualisations.

When Sven finds some downtime, he likes to spend it with his wife, daughter and cats, play video games and tennis, draw, and more.