Learning from games

First a short recap, in case you haven’t read my previous posts: we are awarding the students in our #chikul13 course with badges in the same way achievements are awarded on Xbox360, Playstation3 and Steam. Our first results do indicate certain facets of this gamification are appreciated by our students and have a positive impact on their work. Badges in learning are quite new but maybe we can learn something from the years of experience all of you have with achievements, be it in games.

I remember not everyone was excited when Microsoft decided to introduce achievements 8 years ago. The overal Gamerscore, a total sum of all achievement points, would become the main focus for some. While it did boost sales, it didn’t always reward good game design, just easy achievements. Soon Sony would follow, as would PC games and even Apple with its Game Center. Achievements aren’t going anywhere soon it seems…

So I look at you, game developers, journalists and gamers. What do you think of achievements today. Please do post your comments and while you’re at it, could you answer a couple of the following questions?

  1. Do you check your own achievements?
  2. Do you compare your achievements with friends?
  3. Does knowing your friends’ achievements change the way you play your game?
  4. Do achievements cause you to play more/explore more than you would without them?
  5. Would you still play all the games you play today without the achievements?
  6. Do you check achievements on other devices? (mobile, websites,…)
  7. [for the designers] When designing achievements, what is it you want to achieve? (Replay, exploration, sales,…)

Happy Easter!