Spreading the word

We’ve had the opportunity of presenting our work on Learning Analytics visualisations and dashboards at quite some events lately. Here’s a quick rundown.

In June we visited Harvard to attend the Learning Analytics Summer Institute. During the first day, al phd candidates could give a 1 minute quick intro of their work. My 1 minute of fame, together with the poster session, caught the attention of quite some people. Among them, Zachary Pardos, a professor at Berkeley, who is working with MOOC data and was interested in combining our visualisations with their data. More on that soon!

We also gave a half-day workshop on Visual Learning Analytics, explaining both the basics and pitfalls of data visualisation techniques, applied to Learning Analytics. Quite a nice turn-up, and a very active, enthusiastic group.

LASI workshop

In August we presented our teacher dashboard at OBIE2014 at ICWL2014. Sadly I couldn’t go to the event, so Jose volunteered to present our work. More details on his experiences on his blog.

September was Graz, Austria. At the weSPOT consortium meeting we discussed the progress of the European project. Lots of interesting discussions about our current dashboards, and a date for at least one really interesting evaluation setting (our tools are evaluated in different pilots, but when we get to do them ourselves we’re more excited ;)). That same week was EC-TEL2014, where we demoed some of our more recent work at the ARTEL2014 workshop.


These events resulted in lots of interesting discussions: how does one evaluate these visualizations, what do we want to evaluate (we’re computer scientists aka not pedagogical folk), how do we make visualisations more accessible for teachers and students in schools,… Lots of questions, few answers. At least everyone agreed.. it’s not that simple.

Anyway, that leaves room for lots of research. So at least I know what I’ll be doing these next few years … ;)

Slides/papers/etc of these events:

2nd Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI2014)
Visual Learning Analytics workshop
slides part 1 / part 2

1st International Workshop on Open Badges in Education (OBIE2014) @ 13th International Conference on Web-based Learning (ICWL2014)
slides / paper

4th Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning (ARTEL2014) @ 9th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ECTEL2014)
slides / paper