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Hi, I'm Sven and I am an independent UX researcher/designer based near Antwerp, Belgium. I design services and products using a user-centered approach: by putting the customer first and involving them in the process through e.g. needs assessment, iterative prototyping, and user evaluations.

I'm available for (remote) freelancing, workshops and talks (UX/UI design and process guidance e.g. Customer Journeys, User Stories, Rapid Prototyping, Data Visualisation...), and am always happy to discuss possible fun collaborations.

My area of expertise lies in data visualisation for both laymen and experts through years of experience in domains such as Learning Analytics, Digital Humanities, Unemployment Services, and Video Games. I design digital mockups that help improve the user experience, facilitating better awareness, more insights, and easier exploration of the data. If necessary, I build functional prototypes in order to give developers a head start. I also give advice in general UI design and UX processes.

If you want to have a chat, ping me at sven.charleer@gmail.com or @svencharleer .

about me

Happily married, a 5 year old daughter, and living in Brasschaat, Belgium. I have spent 10 years working in the private sector (local and abroad), after which I decided to pursue a PhD with a focus on data visualisation and user experience at the University of Leuven. There I worked on multiple European projects around Learning Analytics and Digital Humanities. Once I became "Dr. Sven", I spent another year in academia as a postdoc working in collaboration with VDAB (the public employment service of Flanders, Belgium) around visualisations for the unemployed. I also researched video game metrics visualisations to improve eSports spectator and team experience. For detailed information on my professional experience, head over to LinkedIn .

These 16 years were great: I've met amazing people and made great friends, worked on a broad range of interesting projects ranging from the HR sector to video games, even designed a dashboard that is now used across the University of Leuven,... but it was time for something new. So I finally made the jump to self-employment, became a free agent, and here I am!

On a more personal level, I am also a blogger and amateur photographer (aren't we all). I'm an avid gamer (currently Battlefield 5 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate), yes I occasionally stream on Twitch, and even share a silly YouTube channel with my friend Frank. I stay healthy(ish) by exercising (yoga, tennis, swimming) and I quit meat over a year ago!


First of all, I wrote quite a few scientific articles. I'll highlight my favorites here. I currently have an h-index of 10.

Real-Time Dashboards to Support eSports Spectating
Charleer S., Gerling K., GutiƩrrez F., Cauwenbergh H., Luycx B., and Verbert K.
In CHI PLAY '18 Proceedings
Acceptance rate: 33%

Towards an Open Standard for Gameplay Metrics
Charleer S., GutiƩrrez F., Gerling K., and Verbert K.
In CHI PLAY '18 Extended Abstracts
Acceptance rate: 57%

Learning analytics dashboards to support adviser-student dialogue
Charleer S., Vande Moere A., Klerkx J., Verbert K., and De Laet T.
In IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 2017
Impact Factor: 2.267

I have also been blogging since 1999. Here are a couple of my more interesting blog posts, with the deepfakes one being the most popular (130k views):

Family fun with deepfakes. Or how I got my wife onto the Tonight Show

LISSA: a student-facing Learning Analytics dashboard based on readily available higher education data

Your Emotional Fingerprint on Slack


I take a lot of pictures. Mostly of our daughter. Here are some Instagram highlight.

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Want to get in touch? Want to work with me, collaborate, make some YouTube videos, or just play some video games? ;) Send a message to sven.charleer@gmail.com or @svencharleer !

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