Hi there. I'm a UX researcher, currently as a postdoc at the Augment Lab, KU Leuven, but soon you can hire me for all kinds of UX assistance in dataviz, games, etc!

Before my 6 years in academia, I spent 10 years in the private sector as a software engineer for companies such as NorthgateArinso in Brussels, Belgium, and Monumental Games, Nottingham, UK. Head to LinkedIn if you wish to learn more.

My expertise is researching UX to create usable and useful data visualisations for both laymen and expert users for which I follow a design-based research approach (needs assesment, iterative prototype design, prototype development, evaluation). Here are a few of the domains I've applied this to:

  • Learning Analytics:
    Learning dashboards to create "quantified-self" dashboards for students. I also wrote a full dissertation on that. You can find mmore about the projects I was involved in at the European FP7 – weSPOT project and Erasmus+ ABLE project.
  • eSports:
    Applying my five years of Learning Analytics research to improve both player and spectator experience in eSport. A full paper on our work with League of Legends and Counterstrike: Global Offense, and a work-in-progress paper on standardizing game metrics with xVGM are published in the CHI Play '18 proceedings.
  • Digital Humanities:
    Faceted search interactive visualisations on both tabletops and multi-tablet setups for researchers, which ways part of the CIP – eCloud project.
  • Unemployment:
    Job market exploration visualisations for job seekers, a collaboration with VDAB, the public employment service of Flanders, Belgium. More details once we are allowed to make it public!

A full list of my publications can be found on Google Scholar. To get you started, here are some of my favourites:

  • Real-Time Dashboards to Support eSports Spectating.
    Charleer S., Gerling K., Gutiérrez F., Cauwenbergh H., Luycx B., and Verbert K.
    In CHI PLAY '18 Proceedings
    Acceptance rate: 33%
  • Towards an Open Standard for Gameplay Metrics
    Charleer S., Gutiérrez F., Gerling K., and Verbert K.
    In CHI PLAY '18 Extended Abstracts
    Acceptance rate: 57%
  • Learning analytics dashboards to support adviser-student dialogue.
    Charleer S., Vande Moere A., Klerkx J., Verbert K., and De Laet T.
    In IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 2017
    Impact Factor: 2.267
  • Creating Effective Learning Analytics Dashboards: Lessons Learnt.
    Charleer S., Klerkx J., Duval E., De Laet T., Verbert K.
    In Adaptive and Adaptable Learning. EC-TEL 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 9891. Springer, Cham
    Acceptance rate: 25%


I mostly take pictures with my iPhone 7 Plus, less and less with my 8 year old Canon 550D which I got for my 30th birthday. I only own two decent lenses: a 50mm or 28mm. I post everything to Instagram these days.


I've been blogging since 1999, rocking Wordpress for over a decade, but today it's all Medium. I blog about all kinds of things, with my most popular blog post ever being about my experiments with Deepfakes. Here are a few of my better, more recent posts.


While I'm currently considering live streaming and vlogging about UX related topics, my good friend Francisco and I have begun experimenting with less serious topics, slowly improving our skills, on and behind the camera, and in the editing room.


One cannot research games if one does not play games. While the Switch receives the most love (my 5-year old makes me play a lot of Mario Kart/Oddysey with her), I regularly dabble in Overwatch (might I say I'm pretty good with Junkrat and Brigitte) and World of Warcraft. I'm eagerly awaiting Battlefield V. I also weekly play Android: Netrunner, the living card game, which might soon have to make way for Keyforge!

If you want to play with me:

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Want to get in touch? Either Twitter, Instagram, or mail (sven.charleer [a] gmail.com).

Let's collaborate and/or play! :D