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eSports / Streaming / Spectator research
Currently I am working on a new research project at AP University College, closely related to our paper Real-Time Dashboards to Support eSports Spectating. Stay tuned!

CHI 2020 eSports Spectator Workshop
In April 2020 we organised the Be Part Of It: Spectator Experience in Gaming and eSports workshop which was supposed to be hosted at the CHI 2020 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sadly enough CHI 2020 was cancelled but we held an online alternative. We had some great talks and amazing papers, which you can check out here.

eSports x dataviz
In October 2019 I had the chance to present some of my work at the Game UX Summit ’19, Lille, France. An impressive audience of 300+ UX and video game experts! You can view my presentation titled “Designing for the Audience: Real-time eSports Dashboards” below. Want to learn more? Always happy to chat.

Data Visualization & User Experience Basics
If you are interested in learning the basics of data visualization and/or user experience design, I created a one hour crash course on Skillshare! Questions about the course, or looking for more in-depth training? Feel free to contact me!

Head over to Behance for a selection of my most interesting work. Contact me for more details.