Public Speaking

  • Workshop CHI 2020 @ Honolulu, Hawaii Online (organizer)
    Be Part Of It: Spectator Experience in Gaming and eSports
  • UX Beers @ Namahn 2019, Brussels, Belgium
    Don’t Let the Data Do the Talking: Better Data Visualisation through UX Design
  • Game UX Summit ’19, Lille, France
    Designing for the Audience: Real-time eSports Dashboards
  • Dataviz Belgium Spring Meetup 2019, Mechelen, Belgium
    Data-driven dialogue through Collaborative Dashboards
  • DIGRA 2018. Antwerp, Belgium
    Visualisations to Support eSports Spectator Experiences
  • CHI PLAY 2018. Melbourne, Australia
    Real-Time Dashboards to Support eSports Spectating
  • ECTEL 2016. Lyon, France
    Creating effective learning analytics dashboards: Lessons learnt
  • LAK 2016. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (organizer)
    International Workshop on Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces
  • EFYE 2016. Ghent, Belgium
    Using learning analytics to improve student transition into and support throughout the first year
  • EICS 2016. Brussels, Belgium
    Faceted Search on Coordinated Tablets and Tabletops: a Comparison
  • EuroVis 2015. Cagliari, Italy
    PoPI: Glyph Design for Collaborative Filtering on Interactive Tabletops
  • ITS 2014. Dresden, Germany
    Science 2.0 and Visual Data Exploration using Augmented Reality
  • ECTEL 2014. Graz, Austria
    LARAe: Learning Analytics & Awareness environment
  • LASI 2014, Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA
    Data Visualisation and Learning Analytics workshop